"chilling intensity and an emotional depth that rivals the fathoms of his vocal range."


"The star of the night" -OPERA WIRE

"James's cavernous bass is intrinsically beautiful, and he deploys it with intelligence"


"portrayed with towering force by Zachary James, a giant man with a big, black bass to match."  -CHICAGO TRIBUNE

"searing, orotund vocal production"


"Mr. James finds astonishing nuance in his delivery" -OPERA TODAY

​"rock solid vocalism." -OPERA TODAY

"the dynamic, explosive, forceful Zachary James. Physically imposing, Mr. James took command of the stage..." -OPERA WIRE

"the most electrifying five minutes I have ever spent in the theater. His rendition was at once deeply personal and overwhelmingly explosive. I walked out at intermission still dizzy with tears in my eyes." -OPERA WIRE

​"The impressive Zachary James displayed vocal oomph and range." -OPERA NEWS